MELLONIA CLEANSING BALM & MASK with red roses and honey


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Cleansing Balm & Mask
with red rose, wildflower honey and linden blossom
Mellonia is named in honour of the ancient Greek goddess of honey and the majestic bee. Infused over three moon cycles with wild yarrow, cottage roses and foraged linden flowers, this cleansing balm has been specially designed to deeply nourish your skin as you wash away impurities. It also works as a nourishing mask, gently hydrating your skin with raw organic honey and plant oils of camellia and jojoba.
The ritual ~ To cleanse skin, wet face with warm water, then gently massage a small amount of balm into your skin using your fingers. Dampen face cloth with hot water and press to the skin to remove balm. To use as a mask, simply apply a generous amount to damp skin and allow the goodness to soak in while you shower, bathe or take some time to relax. To remove, gently press a hot cloth to your skin allowing it to infuse the botanicals further. Repeat as many times as desired.

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